This is just like any 'ol garage sale you'd find in Everytown, USA. Except ours is on a website. And there's no garage. Oh and you can't haggle. And come to think of it, it's sorta all bike stuff. So it's not really like a garage sale at all. But there's gems. Oh, are there gems. 


All items here are new, NOS and used, hand-selected components, apparel, accessories, gear and other odds and ends. Some are factory cull units with minor cosmetic manufacturing defects and/or errors.

This is an on-going program with inventory updating frequently.

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Used items purchased from the 'Garage Sale' are non-refundable. All items sold second-hand through 'Garage Sale' are inspected by us and are in proper working order (unless stated otherwise). Please read descriptions and double check sizing and application prior to purchase. Please feel free to ask any questions at:

All sales are final.