About Us

An independent label based in New York, NY.

Design obsessed and inspired by anything with two wheels, God & Famous services the track/fixed gear and cycling community with wearable goods, headwear and other oddities with a detailed eye and a taste for functionality.

Founded in 2012, G&F is dedicated to pushing the sport and supporting those who are doing the same.




Some of those who support us and some of those who we support:


Q:  Do you ship internationally?

A:  Yes. International orders usually take 7-10 business days to arrive.  


Q:  Yo, that "thing" is sold out. Will you re-stock? 

A:  Depends. Some items are staples that we will continually re-up while others are exclusive runs. Some items we'll bring back from the dead after some time if we feel the need. Hit us up on any items of interest.


Q:  Do you offer sponsorships?

A:  Depending on your dopeness level, yes. 


Q:  I ordered something. Has it shipped yet? 

A:  Due to the volume and frequency, please allow a few days for your order to ship out. We will send confirmation when it does. 


Q:  What does the name mean? 

A:  It's a secret.